I would like to focus on our many schools for adult learning / new immigrants, both catholic and public school safety, college tuition help, transportation to and from schools for better and more effective school attendance. The number of daycares available, sports in schools/after school programs and physical education are a major concern of mine. In order to help our students reach high levels of achievement, it would be ideal to prepare each student for a successful future as a lifelong learner. To do this, it has been suggested that we can:

  • Create places to learn and work where staff and students are happy, recognized and fulfilled.
  • Engage all students and staff to achieve the high expectations of the Peel board.
  • Offer all students a range of learning programs to help them discover their passions and potential
  • Be a leader in the use of technology to encourage creative and innovative learning
  • Provide equity of access and opportunity for students and staff to learn, work and succeed.
  • Openly communicate as we welcome the involvement of all parents, staff and students in the diverse communities we serve

Our statistics indicate: