New Immigrants / Refugees

Access to education, transportation, services, employment, physical wellness programs and daycare are all priority areas for me to discuss with community members with what I hope to implement as team discussions in the evenings held at city centres across Mississauga where the public, council members and business owners can join in, cost free, in order to voice opinions/concerns regarding these issues.

“Mississauga believes in the spirit of community. Whether you are a newcomer renting in Mississauga or a first time home buyer in Mississauga, no matter which part of the city you choose to live in, you will find people who can help you adapt to your new life and fit into our Canadian society. In the weeks, months and years ahead, you will have many opportunities to participate fully in Canadian life. You and your family can grow together, side by side with other Mississauga residents and make a better life for everyone. This is your new home.”