This is just the beginning – I know that more needs to be done to break down barriers and improve accessibility in our city. Employees need to be supported, especially in regards to mental health and awareness as well as physical disabilities.  I would like to see TransHelp consider all disibilities described under the Accessibility For Ontarians With Disabilities Act, 2005 (AODA).

I would like to aid in identifying, preventing and removing barriers to persons with disabilities such as:

  • Physical barriers (a step entrance to a store),
  • Architectural barriers (elevators in all buildings with more than one floor),
  • Information or communication barriers (publications available in large print),
  • Attitudinal barriers (assuming people with a disability can’t perform a certain task when in fact they can),
  • Technological barriers (traffic lights that change too quickly before a person with a disability has time to get through the intersection),
  • Other barriers created by policies or practices, for instance not offering different ways to complete a test as part of job hiring.