Property Taxes

From my research, The City of Mississauga provides a tax rebate to qualified low-income seniors and low-income persons with disability.

According to data provided by the City of Mississauga, the average assessed value of a single-family dwelling is $479,000. Based on that number, the homeowner would pay $1,391 in property taxes.

  • Out of the money generated from property taxes, the city could get 31 per cent, the Region of Peel 46 per cent, and 23 per cent to education.
  • With respect to that the city gets, based on the $1,391 figure, $294 would be allotted to fire and emergency services, $229 goes to roads and storm drainage, while Mississauga Transit would get $192.

“As Canada’s sixth largest city, we deserve the same revenue tools as Toronto and the authority and autonomy to decide how best to use them in Mississauga to build the city we want and deserve.”

The City has a Development Charges Policy which operates on the philosophy that new development should pay for itself. Funds collected are placed in reserve to pay for capital improvements needed in the future. For decades developers have included all servicing costs in the base price of land, eliminating the need for local improvement levies.

My goal is to keep property taxes at bay, where a raise in taxes was deemed mandatory, a complete breakdown of where the money is going would be available for public view and feedback.