Sports/Physical Activity for Kids

Making sure that children, teens and adults have fair and equal access to community services in order to remain active and healthy is paramount. Bike zones, walk pathways, parks, recreation facilities, community programs (such as Smart Commute and Get Active Mississauga) are my focus for a sustainable city in regard to physical activity, healthy lifestyle and outdoor walk and activities.

Get Active Mississauga-focuses on physical activity and healthy lifestyle, including but not limited to:

  • Ensuring your child grows up happy and healthy
  • Helps your child focus better in school and improve their grades
  • Reduces the risk of your child having a poor body image or low self confidence
  • Active Transportation Instead of driving or taking the bus, teens can walk or bike to school with a group of friends from the neighbourhood
  • Active Play Limit after school video-gaming. Help teens to plan active time around the home or outdoors instead!
  • Active Family Time Teens can visit friends instead of texting them.
  • Go for a walk or a bike ride with mom or dad after dinner or offer to walk the neighbour’s dog.