It is my strong opinion that senior care and assistance within the City is paramount. Overcrowding of hospitals, retirement homes and nursing homes can sometimes be avoided if seniors have the right access to certain resources within the city. I agree with the Outdoor Maintenance Subsidy Program, allotting Seniors and persons with disabilities and eligible applicants $350.00 a year as financial assistance for garden work, care of lawns, plants and trees in a yard and snow removal.

I also support such programs as Mississauga’s Seniors and Disabled Property Tax Rebate Program, Stormwater Subsidy Program for low-income seniors and PWD’s, Active Assist Program, Driveway Window Snow Clearing Program, MiWay Affordable Transit Program and lastly, our MiWay Senior One Dollar Cash Fare – Off Peak Program. These are all vital services that Mississauga offers and I plan to contribute to the betterment and continual growth of these existing programs as well as address the need for more programs in the community based on the feedback and presented need of the public.